This Woman Made A Terrible Mistake At A Kebab Shop... And Now She's Seriously Paying For It

What's the most you're willing to spend on a kebab? Probably not nearly as much as this woman spent on hers. Check the video and learn about this woman's nightmare.

Kebabs are a dime a dozen. Throwing down a for fiver one plus an order of chips is something all of us have done. Could you imagine spending ten times that? No? For one Russian woman, it was much, much worse than that.

In what is possibly the greatest accidental case of generosity, Olesya Shemyakova from Russia left a tip of of £5,650 on her £17 order. When ordering dessert and drinks (not even a kebab we might add!), she made a very costly error at the till.

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'I entered my PIN code but it did not work. Then I entered it a second time and then it functioned. I assumed that I paid 23.70 CHF, that was also stated on my receipt', Shemyakova says. Upon checking her bank account a couple weeks later, she saw a charge from New Point kebab shop totalling over 330 times what she initally thought.

Cengiz Gokduman, owner of the kebab shop, has already responded reassuring the woman there will be a reimbursement: 'I can promise that the customer will get her money back'. However, according to Shemyakova she's yet to receive any kind of refund or word back from him.

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