This woman has something growing out of her hair, what doctors found shocked them

This woman had a horn-like lump on her head for over a year. When she couldn't hide it any longer, she went to see a doctor - and they were shocked...

In one episode of an American series called "Dr. Pimple Popper“, the story of a woman who has a big lump on her head is told. She struggled to hide it as the horn continually grew bigger so Lisa (43) from Connecticut decided to see Dr Sandra Lee aka. Dr Pimple Popper and show her the lump.

The strangest unicorn

But the truth is that it wasn't actually just a lump but a horn, similar to the one rams have - just smaller. The doctor declared that the 'horn' was a skin tumour consisting of keratinised tissue which is usually benign but can become malignant if it’s not removed.

Lisa had found the lump a year ago and been trying to hide it ever since. She even postponed her wedding despite the fact she had been engaged for five years.

After the operation

In the episode, Sandra Lee removes the horn and shows the viewer how hard the tissue is. She says it’s being sent to biopsy now.

After the operation, Lisa was relieved, telling The Daily Mail:

I don’t understand why I waited so long! I wasted so much time for something that takes 30 minutes. It was great to turn my head without finding anything. I’m looking forward to moving on, growing my hair long again and finally getting married.

Check out the video above to see the shocking footage of Lisa's horn removal for yourself (be warned, it's graphic)!

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