This Woman Found a Nasty Surprise In Her Aldi Burger Bun

It was a typical day for this mother about to treat her family with some delicious burgers until she came across something absolutely disgusting in her burger bun.

This Woman Found a Nasty Surprise In Her Aldi Burger Bun
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This Australian woman is a regular at Aldi. So much so that she’s in a Facebook group called ‘Aldi Fans Australia’ with 40k other people. She does all her grocery shopping there and she’s never disappointed by the selection and the price-quality ratio of their products. But after coming across a mystery item hidden in one of the burger buns she was about to serve to one of her children, she probably won’t be shopping at Aldi for a little while.

On the Facebook group, the woman posted a photo of a burger bun with what appears to be a piece of blue band aid stuck on it. Underneath the photo, she wrote:

I’m super glad they make the people who make the ALDI brioche buns wear blue Band-Aids. I normally love these buns. But I think I’m going to give them a miss for a while!

Good thing she caught the mystery item before it ended in one of her children’s stomachs. Aldi has acknowledged the woman’s complaint and has opened an investigation. How do you think she should be compensated for her trouble? With a lifetime supply of burger buns? We have a feeling she wouldn’t be too thrilled about that...

Anyone fancy a burger with a side of band aid?

Check out the video above to see evidence.