This Weightlifter's Arm Shattered In The Middle Of A Competition

This Weightlifter's Arm Shattered In The Middle Of A Competition

Weightlifter Gaelle Nayo-Ketchanka was seriously injured at the European Championships in Batumi, Georgia. Warning, this is not for the faint-hearted.

Here is a scene that we do not want to replay several times. Gaelle Nayo-Ketchanka (31) seriously injured her arm during her third attempt at the European Weightlifting Championships. The athlete - who weighs under 76 kilos - tried to lift a bar 107 kilos snatch. 

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Unfortunately her arm twisted under the pressure which leading a wave of shocked silence in the hall, leaving only the cries of pain of the French weightlifter to be heard. She was quickly transferred to a hospital. Gaelle Nayo-Ketchanka suffered from a double arm fracture and a dislocated elbow.

Her chances of going to the Tokyo Olympics next year are almost nil. However, the French woman of Cameroonian origin is still smiling and has published her news on her Instagram account. "I received a lot of messages of support that meant a lot to me and we are waiting for my return to France to do additional exams," she wrote. We hope that she recovers and gets well soon.

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