This Video Of Ice Breaking Up On A Lake Is Going Viral For A Surprising Reason

Have you tried using white noise to relax? Try putting this captivating video on a loop instead! Already viewed more than a million times, it offers a fascinating spectacle of swathes of ice breaking up on the shores of Lake Superior, Minnesota (USA). Watch it with sound!

Posted on Youtube on February 13th, 2016, this video has been viewed more than 1,600,000 times, and we can understand why. It offers a rare spectacle of ice breaking up on the frozen shores of Lake Superior in the state of Minnesota. Located between the United States and Canada and measuring 886,408 ft², it is the largest lake in North America. In all seasons it inspires those who appreciate beauty, and Dawn M. LaPointe captured it during a wintery moment, which she shared with us.

A professional eye

Winter is an opportunity for the curious to observe strange and beautiful natural phenomena. This American photographer-videographer was able to capture footage of a moment just as strange as it is captivating; large patches of ice breaking up on the shores of a lake, sounding just like glass breaking. Based in Duluth, Minnesota, Dawn M. LaPointe and her husband Gary Fiedler are a professional team of photographers. Their work, which celebrates the natural beauty of their environment, has been hailed by critics and rewarded many times. It is clear that they have an eye for the beautiful and were able to seize this moment when nature is transformed into a work of art. It is quite the magical spectacle.

On February 13th, 2006 Dawn was walking on the shores of Lake Superior, not imaging that at this time of year the ice blocks pushed by strong winds would being to break up. She then went to Brighton Beach, near Duluth, a beach known for its picturesque and wild landscape. ‘And the big lake did not disappoint me!’ She wrote on her Youtube channel. Equipped with her camera on the shores of the body of water, she was witness to a show which she described as follows: ‘the endless plates of ice broke into large pieces that piled up on the shore, making a sound like glass breaking.’ She estimates that the ice sheets were 2 to 3 inches thick and described some of the shapes carved by the ice and the elements as ‘frosted flowers.’ Despite the sub-zero temperatures and the chill breeze, Dawn continued to be enthralled by this real-life fairy tale for 2 hours, which she filmed and posted in real time. ‘It's not a time lapse,’ she said in a comment.

For those who want to see more, Dawn has posted an even longer version.

A Photo of Madalin Giorgetta Has Gone Viral For a Surprising Reason A Photo of Madalin Giorgetta Has Gone Viral For a Surprising Reason