This video of 6000 matches set alight is absolutely mesmerising

Have you ever wanted to light and entire matchbook at once? Well, check out this awesome experiment and you'll see that multipled by 100!

We have no idea how people think about doing such amazing experiments, but they do! This guy decided to light thousands of matches on fire, and it is an organised beauty.

Amazing experiments

I'm sure like everyone else, you've wondered what would happen if you lit a lot of matches at the same time. Well, this man did it for you. He made a platform on which he arranged 6,000 matches in close proximity to each other.

Not only are they in close proximity to each other, they are also perfectly aligned. This organised chaos is actually satisfying in a really odd way, isn't it?

He lights the first in a corner and then lets the magic happen. You will see that doesn't take much time for all the others to catch fire in a chain reaction causing a magnificent wave of flame.

Don't try this at home

We suggest that you do not try this at home, because fire spreads insanely fast and you never know if you'll end up with a beautiful experiment, or a burnt down house. If you're dying to try it by yourself, then make sure you have a fire extinguisher by your side. You will definitely need it. But if you're looking to just observe this spectacle; then have a look at the video. You'll find plenty others just like this one onYouTube!

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