This Ticket Collector Was Fired For Her Surprising Second Job

Work, work, work! This 33-year-old woman was trying to maximise her income by taking on an unusual side hustle whilst working as a ticket collector for Deutsche Bahn trains. However, when bosses found evidence of her moonlighting online, she was quickly fired...

It’s a rather unusual story involving a German ticket collector employed at the German railway company Deutsche Bahn. The young 33-year-old woman faced the wrath of her employer for quite a strange reason. As a matter of fact, they found this ticket collector making X rated films on the company trains, that she then posted on porn sites.

Upon discovering this, Deutsche Bahn were left with no choice but to let this employee go. And this dismissal was justified because the young woman was wearing her work clothes in her films, which is officially prohibited.

A spokesperson for the company released a statement regarding her dismissal to the German magazine Bild:

We can’t tolerate and condemn strongly the manner in which the person is subject to the allegations. DB employees are not allowed to use business clothes, equipment and vacant spaces for commercial or private purposes.

Take a look at the video above for more...

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