This Surgeon Caused Chaos After Falling Asleep On The Operating Table

This unusual story has been making its way around social media recently. A Chinese surgeon fell asleep after performing an operation while still holding his patient’s hands so that the blood could keep flowing.

Luo Shanpen is a Chinese surgeon that works in a hospital in Guiyang in the South West of China. Since it was a very busy day, the man couldn’t help but fall asleep at the end of an operation. Someone who was there at the time took this photo which has been buzzing around on the internet.

A marathon day

Luo Shanpen had been tirelessly working for twenty hours straight. During his sixth and final operation of the day, he was so tired, he dropped straight off after an operation. As exhausted as he may have been however, the man kept holding his patient’s arm so that the blood could circulate around the body properly. The patient had been operated on because his arm had been mangled by a meat grinder – apologies if you’re eating. A nurse then took the photo of the surgeon so that she could show how devoted and dedicated he is to his patients.

The photo swept social media and internet users were so moved by the surgeon’s heroic act, who later said: ‘I thought I would just close my eyes for a moment, not fall asleep.’

Check out the video above for more on this bizarre story!

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