Bristol hum: This sound can only be heard by 2% of the world's population

There is a sound that only 2% of humanity is able to hear, and there are still no explanations for this incredible phenomenon…

If you live in an urban environment where there is constantly sound, you probably won’t have ever heard this sound, since it appears most often in rural, silent areas.

This noise appears all over the planet, but particularly in Bristol in the south of England and also Taos in New Mexico. The buzzing sound is generally heard indoors and during the night. Does this noise sound familiar to you? You could be one of the rare few people who can hear it…

Secondary effects

According to a study, people aged between 55 and 70 years old are those who report hearing this buzzing sound the most often. Some hear it constantly, while others only hear it at certain times. It can be quite annoying and prevent people from concentrating on their day-to-day activities.

It is responsible for at least one case of suicide and some people who are affected by this buzzing have also been said to experience nosebleeds, nausea, insomnia and even headaches.

An unknown origin

Some doctors claim that this sound is actually a type of tinnitus, which is a condition in which sufferers hear sounds that don’t actually exist.

These views have been called into question however since this particular buzzing sound only appears in certain, very specific areas. People who hear it and suffer from it have also rejected the possibility that it is an otoacoustic emission, which is a sound generated from within the inner ear.

We still don’t know where it comes from nor the causes of this weird buzzing… The mystery remains.

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