This pilot had zero visibility... How he landed was incredible

Incredible images! A Next-Generation Boeing 737 is trapped in very dense fog when landing the aircraft. The pilot has no visibility, so he activates autoland mode, an autopilot system to land.

Sometimes the work of aeroplane pilotscan be very complicated and dangerous! Like the one who managed to land a plane without landing gear... A real feat! But quite often, the weather makes their mission even more difficult.

A tough landing

These images taken from inside the cockpit of a Boeing 737 Next-Generation are proof of it. There is very thick fog, which hinders the pilot's ability to see and land the plane. He is therefore forced to activate "Autoland" mode, a system that completely automates the entire landing process to ensure the safety of the aircraftand its occupants. It is able to take over in bad weather.

A necessary system

And, fortunately, thepilotactivated it because visibility is completely null. Crew members cannot see anything at all as the fog is thick. The track becomes visible only when the wheels of the plane touch the ground.

Knowing that a Next-Generation Boeing 737 can accommodate between 110 and 210 passengers, as well as flight attendants, it's best not to take any risks and play it safe. While these images are a little scary, we can see that the commander and his co-pilot don't panic for a single second.Probably thanks to years of experience.

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