This One Hidden Detail In A Girl's Prom Photo Is Driving People Crazy

This One Hidden Detail In A Girl's Prom Photo Is Driving People Crazy

Something about this image Eleanor Clarke posted from her leavers' prom isn't quite right but you'd have to be pretty eagle-eyed to spot it.

Bringing your own drinks to your secondary school prom is of course forbidden, but Eleanor Clarke managed to find an ingenious way of getting around this. She instead swapped her fashion accessory for a flask filled with 3 litres of alcohol!

Despite its size, it goes almost completely unnoticed in this group photo that was taken of her with her friends. Neither seen nor acknowledged, the huge flask blended into the background and looked just like a normal clutch.

The photo Eleanor posted on Twitterwent viral in just a few hours. In the photo, she can be seen posing with her friends and her flask as if nothing strange was going on.

Eleanor is still amazed with her achievement and said on social media 'I still don’t know how I got away with a huge hip flask as my prom clutch'. Ever since she uploaded this photo to her account, Twitter users have been loving it, as can be proved by the fact that it has already received around 315K likes, 63K shares and 1.3K comments.

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She is, without a doubt, the real prom queen!

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