This man was living with a dozen cockroaches in his ear

In China, more than a dozen cockroaches have been removed from a man’s ear where they had been living for several weeks.

This story, which took place in the Guangdong province in the south of China,is both completely true and terrifying.

Hosting a family of cockroaches in his ear

We bet you would never want to find yourself in the same situation as this man. And for good reason, since for a few days, he had been living witha family of cockroaches in his ear.

The man, known as ‘Mr Lv’, who had been living with these intruders in his ear was just 24 years old. As a result of ‘intense pain’ in his right ear, he decided to go to his local hospital and all we can say is that it’s a good thing he did.

According to the New York Post, once he was at the hospital, he was seen by Doctor Zhong Yijin:

He said his ear hurt a lot, like something was scratching or crawling inside.

Little did he know, whatever was in his ear, was actually crawling inside!

After he was examined, the doctor discovered a dozen cockroaches (a mother and her babies) that were crawling around in his patient’s ear. The insect had made a sweet home for itself and its babies!

Creepy crawlers at night

Finally, all the little insects were removed using a pair of tweezers and Mr Lv was able to get his life back on track. But, how did these insects manage to get into the man’s ear? Doctors have an idea: Mr Lv use to leave sweets just next to his bed where he slept.

So, a word of advice, don’t leave food by your bed!

He found something terrifying living in his ear He found something terrifying living in his ear