This man waited five months before going to the doctors - And was horrified by what they revealed

The virus had slowly devoured his arm for 5 months until he decided to go to a doctor.

This Man Waited Five Months Before Going to the Doctors – And Was Horrified by What They Revealed
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A 65-year-old farmer showed up at the Sun Yat-sen Hospital in Guangzhou, China, because he had had a wound in his arm a few months earlier.

The man, whose name is unknown, had seen that a circular skin rash had formed on his arm. Seeing that it did not disappear over time,he tried to treat it with herbal infusions but his condition did not improve.

Incurable wounds

The doctors, after evaluating the injuries, realized that they were not common wounds. The rash was quite large, red and circular. The wound was becoming an ulcer with pieces of scabs.

After a biopsy, doctors realized what the patient was infected with. It was the "gardener's disease", a rare but dangerous disease.

Take a look at the video above to learn more about this devastating disease.