Most tattooed man in the world has foreskin covered in ink

This is the man who holds the record as the most tattooed man in the world and he's left no part of his body untouched.

Tattooing is a passion, an art form in its own right, which gives birth to 'hardcore' fans. With his tattoos from head to toe, as well as inside the mouth and ears, Lucky Diamond Rich has held the record for the most tattooed man in the world since 2006. And he's not about to lose that title.

Lucky Rich, whose real name is Gregory Paul McLaren, is a New Zealand performer and street art traveller. And he brings a lot to the table. He can swallow swords and juggle on a unicycle with disconcerting ease. There you have it,the stage is set.

Early passion

He started his career as an artist very early, at the age of 12, when he was a 'dirty brat.' He said it himself in an interview for the French review La Spirale—he used to break into places, damage and burn all sorts of things. Art then became for him a way of channelling this energy. His first tattoo? A juggling club, tattooed on his hip. It showed that the circus and street artswere already a part of his life.

The Guinness Book of Records has confirmed that 100% of his body is tattooed, obviously his skin but also the inside of his eyelids, mouth, ears and foreskin. Lucky Diamond Rich considers his body as a very realistic work of art, which is in perpetual evolution and will be finished only when he dies. He intends to get a new tattoo if he finds a part of his body that is not yet covered with black ink.

An unbeatable record?

Unlike others, his tattoos have not impacted his life, especially his professional life. He explained that his exposure thanks to the Guinness Book made him knownand that people who meet him are more relaxed about his tattoos. He is even grateful to have grown up in a society that gave him the choice to adopt the colourful character he has become today.

Check out the video above to see Lucky Diamond Rich's work of art that is his body!

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