This Man Is Bleeding in Public to Prove a Big Point

Cass, a young American, has decided to menstruate in public to make it clear that 'period's aren't just for women.' He has uploaded a photo where you can see blood running through his pants, and it has created a lot of controversy on social networks..

This Man Is Bleeding in Public to Prove a Big Point
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Unfortunately, menstruation remains a taboo subject in many countries of the world. Even in Western societies, there is a clear negative connotation surrounding periods and all that they entail.

People are still appalled when menstruation is explicitly mentioned or shown. You can just take a look at all the criticism aimed at Irene, a young, 20-year-old student who believed that letting her blood flow publicly would be the best way to protest the high cost of the personal hygiene products women need. Tampons and pads are expensive and are not accessible to all budgets.

The last big uproar surrounding periods was triggered by this photo of a young American boy bleeding. In the photo he posted on Instagram, he's letting his period bleed through his pants in public, in a park, to claim his rights. And above all, to show that periods don't just affect women.

How is this biologically possible? We'll give you all the details in the video!

Source: Upsocl

Image: Instagram @tonithetampon