This Man Got The Fright of His Life When He Found Himself Face to Face With a Dangerous Snake

With the current pandemic and lockdown in place, we’re finding ourselves spending more and more time at home and minimising our contact with other people. But what happens when the outside world begins to penetrate our little fortress of solitude? Check out one man’s story below.

MICHIGAN, USA - The compulsory social distancing due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced many us to stay at home. So much so in fact that lots of people have set up their own genuine sports facilities and equipment in their gardens and even in their houses.

And that’s exactly where this viral video comes from. This young man got quite a scare indeed while he was getting some exercise on the trampoline in his garden. Terrifying!

The video was recorded in early June when one man was innocently having fun on his trampoline. Know what happened?

As you can see in the video above, which was later picked up by the famous YouTube channel ViralHog, the young man started to jump, and as he did so, a snake suddenly appeared.

As the man jumped, the reptile was consequently knocked from its hiding place and thrown into the air. When the man landed, he suddenly realised he had company! So what did he do?

As surely as we all would have done in his situation, the man panicked and quickly darted off the trampoline. This video quickly went viral and lots of people have since enjoyed watching his little snake encounter!

He Rang His Friend's Doorbell And Was Greeted By A Snake To The Face He Rang His Friend's Doorbell And Was Greeted By A Snake To The Face