This Man Got A Little Over-Excited About The Heatwave - And The Police Had To Be Called

As summer finally arrives across Europe, one man found a novel - but very much illegal - way of trying to cool down...

This week in several parts of Europe, summer has made its big entrance… in the form of a massive heat wave. Temperatures keep climbing, and people are looking for original solutions to keep from drowning in their own sweat from the minute they wake up.

There unfortunately isn’t any miracle solution for trapping cold air in the flat, besides simply closing shutters and keeping windows always—and we mean always—closed. And obviously, any accessories that might aid in giving a quick dose of coolness are welcome, whether that be a spray bottle or a pocket fan.

Goal: keep cool

If keeping cool were a competition, however, the winner would undoubtedly be the German man featured in the video above. Riding on a scooter, he of course picks up a lovely breeze from the speed, which allows him to stay a little chillier than his pedestrian counterparts.

And—without judging this second important advantage—he rides his scooter completely naked. It’s a revolutionary idea… but also one that gets him stopped by the cops. Some might call him a misunderstood genius... others would argue his behaviour is not only against the law but also extremely dangerous!

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