This Landing At A Portuguese Airport Almost Went Terribly Wrong

Passengers on this plane were definitely within their rights to be terrified when the wind started roughing up the engine.

Flying planes isn’t for everybody, you have to have really good reflexes and be able to adapt in all kinds of situations. Especially when the weather isn’t on your side… We’ll leave it up to you to judge if this pilot is worthy of the title when you’ve seen the footage.

Landing on the runway at the Funchal airport in Portugal isn’t an easy task. And you’ll see why after you’ve watched this video that was filmed in the airport located on the Madera island, close to the African Coasts. In the footage, we can see quite an imposing plane approaching the runway while visibly struggling against the strong winds.

Weather conditions

This eventful and hectic landing can be explained by the climate on this sublime island. The island is quite mountainous where the weather conditions change enormously depending on the altitude and the exposure to dominant winds. And these factors can have enormous impacts on flight conditions and thus, their landings.

A masterful situation

We can easily imagine how scared the passengers must have felt a few minutes before they landed. Thankfully, the pilot kept his head clear and finally managed to land the plane without causing any damages. We tip our hat off to you, sir!

Check out the video above to see the incredible landing for yourself!

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