This House Can Unfold In Just 10 Minutes! (VIDEO)

This surprising house is definitely one of the most incredible in the world because it can be unfolded in record time.

Some houses are more than just buildings. Haunted mansions or those belonging to famous people like James Bond, some have their little secrets. But this time, there’s a whole other reason that we’re talking about houses. This one, in particular, looks like it is straight out of a sci-fi movie. Why? Because it can be unfolded in just ten minutes which means you can take it with you wherever you want, whenever you want.

We need to thank Ten Fold Engineering for this exceptional design. They came up with the idea to develop this technology in order to simplify the construction process. As the company promises, mobility, speed, ease and reliability are key for these homes. They have created lots of 3D models, each more impressive than the last. But they have also built a prototype that can unfold in just five minutes.

According to the company, these homes are fully equipped and ready to set up wherever you want. They can be set up on trailers or built directly on trucks and they also use solar panels for energy and recycle rainwater.

This company is going far

In addition to these homes, Ten Fold Engineering is doing one better and is even looking to make building and unfolding other types of buildings possible. They have also designed other structures such as markets, bleachers and even a hospital.

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