This guy got a drunken tattoo that ruined his life

This New Zealander had the incredibly bad idea of getting a tattoo when he was drunk. And blimey, it’s a bad one!

We’ve all made bad decisions after we’ve had a few too many. But this ex-prisoner from New Zealand took it to the extreme.

A tattoo to gain notoriety

After spending time in prison for aggravated robbery, he decided a striking tattoo would impress the other inmates.

Under the influence of his own home brew, he allowed his own brother, who was evidently also a prisoner, to do the tattoo for him.

After spending 9 hours under a makeshift tattoo needle, the tattoo was finally finished. When you think of a tattooed prisoner, you automatically think of a real hard nut, tattoos all over their arms hands, even their head. This lad however, is not so intimidating. Instead, he got the phrase “DEVAST8” tattooed right across his mouth.

Long term repercussions

Now out of prison, the 21-year-old is struggling to find a steady job and all employers seem to be rather unappreciative of the masterpiece he has slapped right across his face. A very expensive mistake that should hopefully put other people off doing the same thing.

Good thing there are ways around bad tattoos..although they might come with a hefty price tag!

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