This Guy Found A Homeless Man Sleeping In His Car, Handles It Like A Pro

It's always a good habit to check whether you locked your car - you know, just for safe measure. But perhaps this guy forgot to give it that extra check when he left his car unlocked. By the time he had returned, he found a sleeping bearded stranger in the front passenger seat.

Ok, we must admit, perhaps this guy should have been a lot more vigilant in ensuring his car was locked because let's face it, no one wants their car robbed, right? But on return to his car, this guy and his friend find an allegedly homeless man out cold sleeping in the front.

At first, both the owner of the car and his friend are absolutely bewildered, because why wouldn't you be? But then the owner confronts the snoozy stranger who appeared to be heavily intoxicated, holding a bottle of spirit beside him.

Whilst this is the kind of situation which could end up in an uproar of conflict, the owner of the car still treated this man with care and consideration for well-being, offering to get him an uber, concerned for his safety.

It seems that these guys handled the situation in the best way they could, given the circumstances. It turned out that the issue was easily thanks to the calm manner of these two men. But, there's definitely a little lesson to learn here: make sure you lock your cars guys and gals.

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