This Graduate Sued Her University Because She Couldn't Find A Job

Think it’s hard getting a job after graduating university? For one woman from Hong Kong, it’s been impossible. Find out why she’s going after her uni in court by watching the video above!

We often hear that attending uni and obtaining a degree is crucial in advancing our professional careers. Pok Wong, 29, decided to pursue a degree abroad and study at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge at what she thought was a world renowned institution. However, it turns out the degree alone was not enough to land her a job.

A ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree

Wong has claimed that in the time since graduating in 2013, the “Mickey Mouse degree” that she was awarded has ‘not play[ed] a role to help secure a rewarding job with prospects’. Originally from Hong Kong, the graduate states that she based her decision to come to attend the uni after seeing their prospectus which described itself as a ‘renowned centre of excellence’. In reality, ARU is among the lower ranked in the UK, currently sitting worldwide in between 301 and 351 in the ranking.

A waste of time and money

Since her lawsuit has come to light, Wong has revealed that the university experience that she had is not at all up to standard. She has said that students were told to ‘self-study’ and lecturers frequently turned up late. She has even claimed that the she was imprisoned during her graduation ceremony after trying to bring attention to her problems with the quality of education she received.

With all of this said, Wong is seeking over £60,000 in damages from the university. She hopes to set a precedent with this lawsuit so that no other student has the same uni experience as she did. The university has denied any of these claims being true.

Remember everyone; it doesn’t hurt to do the odd internship here and there.

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