This Company Is Searching For Candidates To Test Their Adult Dolls

Are you in the job market? You’re in luck: a London based company is looking to hire someone for a position that may interest you...

We've gone over dream jobs like pizza tester, chicken nugget tester, and chocolate tester. How would you like becoming a professional sex doll tester? Yes, you read that correctly. A London based sex doll manufacturer Silicone Sex World recently put out a wanted ad on their site looking for a lucky individual to join their team.

For a salary of £35,000 a year, your job will consist of testing all different kinds of sex dolls made by the company, as well as contribute to the process of research and development. You’ll be required to push the dolls to their limits, finding every small way that the company can improve the doll to ensure a better experience for the user. Worried that you don’t have enough experience in the field? No need to panic: the company is actually looking for someone that has no prior background in the industry.

Aside from a rather comfortable salary and day to day tasks that promise to be more satisfying than a typical 9-to-5 desk job, Silicone Sex World is also proposing perks like 22 days off a year, a gym membership, and friends and family discount.

Think that this position might be made for you? Chances are that you’re not alone in thinking that, as the company has already been flooded by applications. What a dream job.

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