This Bully Will Immediately Regret Picking On A Younger Kid

This Bully Will Immediately Regret Picking On A Younger Kid

Every school has got that one guy who thinks he’s the hardest one in the school. They throw their weight around, unnecessarily starts on other people and are just generally aggressive. Idiots. This guy decided to pick on the wrong guy. His “victim” fights back and sends him right back to primary school. Watch our video and just check out the combinations this guy throws! Madness!

Over in Germany, this “tough guy” thought he could start on this lad, a few years below him. Pathetic right? Throwing his weight around and trying to scare him, he tries to provoke him to throw the first punch. But what he didn’t see coming was the tirade of punches that this young lad would throw right back at him.

So. The outcome? The big lad who started the whole thing off in the first place soon realised he’d made a fatal error. After receiving several combinations of left and right hooks to the face, and after being unable to defend himself, the poor guy quickly realised he’d been walked all over. As he was left to lick his wounds, amid the jeers from the on looking crowd that had gathered, safe to say he was left feeling humbled.

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Check out the video above to see the footage for yourself! 

Stacey Williams
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