This Blind Man Gets to See His Girlfriend for the First Time and His Reaction Is Priceless

This young, visually impaired man appeared on a talk show after they promised to give him the ability to perfectly see his girlfriend for the very first time. He did not waste the opportunity - but something about his initial reaction left everybody watching absolutely floored.

The scene takes place on American talk show The Rachael Ray Show. Hunter Tribe, a man suffering from a degenerative disease called Stargardt disease, which has left his vision impaired, has never actually gotten a proper look at his girlfriend of two years, Brittney Reed.

After seeing another blind man trying out ‘bionic glasses,’ a new piece of technology that promises perfect vision, on the show, Brittney decided to write into the show and ask if they could do the same thing for Hunter, explaining how much it would mean to both her and her boyfriend.

Happily, The Rachael Ray Show agreed and Brittney and Hunter got the incredible opportunity to go on the show – and Hunter got to see his beautiful girlfriend for the very first time. Understandably, this is a huge, emotional moment. The crowd's gaze is eagerly fixed upon Hunter.

What are bionic glasses?

They are camera-mounted glasses and an array of electrodesthat send visual data into the brain. The device only works on people that still have most of the pathways that enable sight intact and not on people who have damage to the optic nerve.

So what is his first instinct when trying on these glasses worth over ten thousand pounds? Watch the video above to find out.

This Man's Reaction to Seeing His Wife for the First Time is Utterly Heartwarming This Man's Reaction to Seeing His Wife for the First Time is Utterly Heartwarming