This Bizarre Object Was Spotted On Google Maps And No One Knows What It Is

Off the coast of Greece, a curious object has recently been spotted by Google Maps users. Some even believe it's the remains of a flying saucer!

It is not uncommon to sometimes find strange things when exploring on Google Maps. From buildings with strange architecture and suspicious individuals to bizarre scenes, Google’s satellite navigation service often has some surprises in store for its users.

An unidentified object about 650 feet off the coast of Greece, south of Thessaloniki in the Aegean Sea, was spotted by users online. Circular in shape, this object could measure 250 feet in diameter, according to the calculations of some observers.

Known as a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object), this intriguing object raises several questions about its origins. While some people think it could be a natural rock formation or an old lighthouse, others lean toward the theory that it is a volcano that has been underwater for years. But of course other more far-fetched assumptions have also emerged…

It did not take long for conspiracy theorists and ufology enthusiasts to suggest that it could be a flying saucer, or an extraterrestrial vehicle at the very least. For the moment no explanation has been given as to what the object is, more investigation is thus needed.

Check out the video above to see the strange object for yourself...

Weird Supernatural Being Caught On Camera By Google Maps Weird Supernatural Being Caught On Camera By Google Maps