They Tried To Shoot Him In The Night - But His Gaming Screen Saved His Life

Discover the amazing story of this player whose screen stopped a bullet and perhaps saved his life!

We all know the story of the Nokia 3310 from our teenage years that could tumble down the stairs, land on tile floor before being caught by your dog and buried in the back of the garden, all to the sound of Snake, and come out intact (or almost). Now, there's the screen that can be shot at and come out unscathed.

This story hails from California (did you say amazing?) and is told by Eric Gan, who will probably remember it for a long time. This young man indeed had the unpleasant surprise of getting up one morning and finding a half-crushed bullet in the middle of his office. Awakened in the middle of the night by banging sounds, he and his roommates did not really understand what had happened.

While the day was going to unfold like any other day, Eric still wanted to understand where this bullet came from! It wasn't long before he glanced at the wall behind his screen and realized what happened...

Find out more about this crazy story in our video!

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