These Two Men Accidentally Stumbled Into a Hidden Military Base at Area 51

These two bikers did not receive a warm welcome when they just so happened to show up in one of the world's most secretive military bases. Watch the video the see it unfold!

Area 51 has become a thing of legends. For ages now people have come up with theories about what could be hidden inside America's worst kept secret base. Since its conception, no civilian has ever entered the base and no former employee has ever broken their agreement to reveal what is hidden in the base, or so we think.

The USA's most guarded secret: Area 51

That's why this story is so crazy. Two American bikers tried to enter the well-protected “Area 51”, which is hidden in the heart of the Nevada desert (United States). On a motorbike, the two men took a path that was quite hidden, before running into a very unwelcoming sign which said that in case of trespassing, “lethal action is authorized to be used”. A few seconds later, two men dressed head to toe in camouflage gear came and got them before they could go any further.

Check out the video above to see the footage for yourself!

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