There Is A 10 Euro Bill Out There That Is Actually Worth 3,000. Do You Have It?

Listen up! There is a 10-euro bill in circulation that is actually worth 3,000 euros. Check out the video above for the details on how to identify it. You could have a fortune in your wallet without even knowing it!

The Spanish TV show ‘El Hormiguero’ has recently launched one of the most long-awaited competitions. They decided to reward their loyal viewers by putting a special 10-euro bill into circulation.

Whoever gets their hands on this bill will get thousands of euros as a reward. 3,000 euros to be exact! It could end up in anyone’s hands, so you need to be extra vigilant when exchanging money nowadays.

This isn’t just any 10-euro bill though and there’s only one that’s worth this much.

Check out the video above to find out what makes this bill different. So, what are you waiting for? Check whether you have this bill in your wallet or purse right now!

How to win the big prize?

If you’re extremely lucky enough to have this 10-euro bill in your possession, the next step is to get in touch with the program who set up the competition.

You will need to prove it’s the right bank note by recording a video in which the camera can get a good look at it.

Afterwards, you’ll have to send your recording through Whatsapp to this phone number: 676 375 759. Good luck and we hope you’re the lucky winner!

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