The Xstation Is The Ultimate Console Combing The PS4 And The Xbox One

This Youtuber has made the most incredible crossover console - and now we all want one.

If you play video games and Nintendo, Mario and Zelda are not really your cup of tea, you most certainly had to choose between an Xbox and a Playstation. Unless you knew exactly what you were looking for you most likely had some measure of difficulty deciding between the two; to make a decision you must have had to leaf through the exclusives catalog.

With God of War, The Last of Us 2, Spider-Man and many others, the lovers of games with stories will rather go with Sony. Fans of sports and shooting games will rather go towards Microsoft, with their excellent Forza Horizon and the always successful Halo series. Each console has finally managed to offer titles adapted to their audience, but it is important to remember that Xbox games are now also available on PC for the most part.

The more fortunate may have bought the two consoles, but then trying to find room to install everything is another difficulty, especially when one is living in a small flat.

Fortunately, Youtubeur Edsjunk has solved this problem. After many hours of work, he created the Xstation, the combination of a PS4 and an Xbox One. The results are impressive, a lot of space had to be made to connect the two consoles, and running both hardware must not have been easy!

Check out the video above to see how the console works!

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