The Sexiest Police Woman In Columbia Is Winning Over Instagram Users

One particular police woman in Columbia has become quite popular on social media. She’s called Gina Pinzón and you could say that she’s become an influencer thanks to her beauty and the hard work she puts into protecting citizens in her country.

The Sexiest Police Woman In Columbia Is Winning Over Instagram Users
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Gina Pinzón is a part of Columbia’s National Police Service despite being just 24 years old. This young agent is responsible for going on patrols, but she’s also a big lover of social media, particularly Instagram, where she uploads photos to her account that has 241,000 followers, no more, no less.

This Columbian woman, who is originally from Cali, uploads photos where you can see her both in uniform and out and about in her normal clothes. On Instagram, she is defined as a ‘humble and straightforward’ girl and says she is single, which some people are quite happy about.

Gina’s profile is public, and everyone leaves nice comments underneath her photos. Some people appear to have even fallen for her: ‘this woman is a real beauty’ (@selasormichell) or ‘with all due respect, you are the woman of my dreams…’ (@luisvillanueva190).

The surprising thing is that this attractive police woman doesn’t go by her real name on her Instagram account, but on Facebook, her account has her real first and last name. Could this be to separate her professional life as an influencer and police woman from her private and personal life?

Without a doubt, Gina Pinzón is quite popular on social media and we can understand why, since she is incredibly beautiful and has a body that could kill.

If you want to see for yourself, check out the video above to see more photos of this police woman and influencer with the face of an angel.