The Internet Is Going Crazy For 'The Most Beautiful Teacher In The World'

Cheng Jhia-wen has set Instagram on fire with her posts. Because of her beauty, she has been nicknamed the most beautiful teacher in Taiwan... Check out the video to see why for yourself!

Cheng Jhia-wen has captivated social media users with her beauty. The teacher posts many photos that drive all her fans crazy because of her extreme beauty.

The young woman is in law school but also teaches Economics based on knowledge and intellectual property at the University of Science and Technology of Chien Hsin.

As well as her brains and beauty, she's also a talented musician, dedicated to playing the piano and the flute.

Many of her students have started taking pictures during her classes and uploading them to social media. But Cheng Jhia-wen does not shy away from her social media fame as she herself has delighted her followers with several stunning snapshots.

Check out the video above to see more about 'the world's most beautiful teacher' for yourself!

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