Soldier steals an army tank and goes on a rampage in a 2 hour police chase

It sounds like something from a video game, but earlier this month in Virginia in the United States, a US military soldier was arrested following a rampage that ensued a 2-hour police chase.

A soldierworking for the US military wasarrested following a 60 mile, two-hour police chase. Lieutenant Joshua Phillip Yabut was found to be intoxicated on some unknown substances after he went on a madrampage in a military APC.

Similar to a scene from Grand Theft Auto, a 2-hour police chase was caught on camera earlier this month after a serving US soldier took an army tank for a joyride. He had driven the tank away from a militarytraining exercise that was taking place at the National Guard Military Base in Virginia, United States.

Getting up to speeds of 40mph in the armoured personnel carrier, Yabut lead police through busy highways before eventually getting stopped in the city of Richmond. Police subdued Yabut with a Taser and he was subsequently arrested.

An investigation was launched into the ordeal. Although the tank was not armed with weapons or ammunition, the solider was in possession of his own personal weapon, although it was not loaded.

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