Shocking Footage Shows Passenger Being Thrown Off A Bike As Motorcyclist Crashes

Alarming footage emerged of a young drunk motorcyclist with three passengers crashing into a traffic island, consequently launching one of the passengers across the road...

A catastrophic incident occured in Zhongshan, southern China, when a young man crashed his motorbike, with three passengers on-board, whilst being 7 times over the legal drinking limit.

The clip shows the bike sharply crashing into a triangular traffic island, with two passnegers launched toward the island. However, a third passenger is seen being catapulted across and over the island, when he finally lands over 6 meters away from the initial collision.

Whilst the third passenger appears to be struggling to move as a result of the impact, the 26-year-old driver can then be seen coming over to check on him. Fortunately after he was rushed to the hospital, it was reported that he did not suffer any serious injury as a result of the crash.

The 26-year-old motorcyclist has been detained for driving without a license as well as overcrowding. However, reports are still in waiting to confirm his level of alcohol intoxication during the incident.

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