She went to the doctors for eye pain and they found something moving inside

This 29-year-old woman felt that there was something in her eye after a day of ripping weeds out of her family's grave. At first she didn't think anything of it. But hours later, the pain began to worsen. When the doctor analysed her eye under a microscope, he could not believe what he saw.

She went to the doctors for eye pain and they found something moving inside
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Qingming is the name of a festival in Chinain which, among other things, families go to cemeteries to tidy up the graves of their deceased relatives. This includes not only cleaning them but also removing the weeds that grow around them.

This last activity is what caused this woman's nightmare when she thought she had gotten 'a little dust' in her eye. Who has that not happened to?

Like anyone, she thought that the speck of dust would end up coming out of her eye, so she did not give it much thought. She used all the usual techniques: blowing at it, pouring water in her eye... but nothing worked.

The pain was increasing and, hours later, her eye would not stop tearing up and the discomfort began to be unbearable; so she decided to go tothe doctor.

The doctor used a powerful microscope to see her cornea... and when he adjusted the image, he could not believe what he saw. There was not one, but four of them. And they had legs and were moving.

It is the first recorded case of the presence of these animals inside a human eye. Although they do not usually have parasitic behaviour, it seems that they were feeding on the salt of her tears.

As you will see in the video, the images, broadcast in the Asian media, are shocking.