She took a photo on a fishing trip but one hidden detail left her speechless

While on an ordinary fishing trip with her family, this young American took a downright terrifying photo. Can you spot the hidden detail?

While on a fishing trip with her brother and grandparents in Tifton, Georgia, Haley Ogletree probably had no idea she was about to have a supernatural experience.

An innocent selfie...

And yet, that is what seems to have happened to this 13-year-old girl, who while taking a simple selfie. However, if you look closely, next to the guy in the background there is aghostly figure smiling in the background. In any case, this is what Jessica Ogletree, Haley’s mother claims, who did not hesitate to share this strange snap on the web. The teenager's mother wrote on Facebook:

This photo was taken by my 13-year-old daughter today at Paradise in Tifton, Georgia. You can see my son Kolton in the back but also a man on his right !!! This man was NOT with them today and there was no one else where they were fishing! The only people present were Haley, Kolton and their grandparents Dennis and Vera. Haley was going back through her pictures and saw this and needless to say freaked out and called me lol!

A happy ghost

Her daughter realised the presence of the man only after browsing through the photos once they had returned home. Although intrigued by this phenomenon, in the end, Jessica finally found the presence of this ghost to be rather nice. She said:

I think it's great because it's Kolton's birthday today and he's caught the biggest fish he's ever caught! It's as if the man was happy for him!

Since being shared on Facebook the image went absolutely viral. However, not all viewers believed that the figure was what it seemed. One person commented:

I'm a believer and I've seen and photographed, but I'm not one to fall for baloney. The "figure" looks almost perforated, as does the shadow on the guys shirt. I can think of a few ways this would be done, but I don't think it's real. Not discrediting anyone, it just looks like a trick.

Another person chimed in believing the ghost may have been a person trying to communicate from the other side:

Hummmm.... I would do some research on the area. History as well as missing persons, you never know if the other side is trying to tell you something.

Check out the video above to see the creepy image for yourself...

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