She thought she suffered from migraines but the truth is horrifying

After complaining of severe headaches for several weeks, this girl’s boyfriend decided to look into what was causing her this excruciating pain.

She Thought She Suffered From Migraines But the Truth Is Horrifying
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There are many reasons why we might get headaches: a long, stressful day at work, dehydration or perhaps a hangover... Usually, a couple of paracetamol is enough to cure even the worse of headaches. This woman didn't have such luck though...

Not your typical headache

For a few weeks, a woman was complaining to her partner about having excruciatingly painful headaches. At first, the two didn't think much of it. A headache never killed anyone, no matter how much it may hurt.

However, weeks after weeks, the pain just wouldn’t go away, so her boyfriend decided to take action. After looking into the problem a little deeper he discovered that the cause of the problem was a bot fly larva, that had managed to get under the poor girl’s skin.

Botflies are parasites that lay eggs in mammals, humans included. These parasites like to lay their eggs in a mosquito bite, for example, which will act as their home until the eggs hatch. Once the eggs turn into larvae, they dig their way out from under the skin and crawl out.

They got under her skin

Normally, these kind of botflies infiltrate animals such as cattle or sheep, but they have been known to do the same to humans. Once under the skin, these annoying little critters are very difficult to get out. So when this young woman and her boyfriend discovered that one was hidden under her scalp, they immediately tried to extract it.

After failing to smoke it out with a glass bottle and a lit match, they finally managed to extract the intruder by blocking its breathing holes with tape and pulling it out.

So next time you’ve got a headache, remember; you can never be too careful.

If you're not too squeamish, check out the video above to see to scene unfold!