She Thought Her Boyfriend Was Cheating So She Got Her Own Back

This young man was fed up with his girlfriend reading all of the messages he received. So he decided to really give her something to read. Suffice to say her reaction is shocking!

For some time, this man’s girlfriend would constantly check his phone any time he left the room. This lack of trust led him to conduct a little “experiment”. After enquiring the help of another woman, this brave guy decided to prank his suspicious other half.

While settling down for an evening in front of the TV, the young man decided to wait for exactly the right moment to take his opportunity. Sneaking off to the toilet, he sent a message to his own smartphone (which was left next to his girlfriend). As the woman sees his phone light up, she notices another woman’s name on the screen.

After inevitably opening the message, the girl discovers a picture of another girl in her boyfriend’s arms. Devastated and crying, she frantically begins to pack up her things in a suitcase. However before leaving and after nearly knocking the bathroom door down, she wanted to leave him a special leaving present. But it’s not what you expect. Needless to say he wasn’t expected the outcome when he planned the joke…

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She got her revenge by playing this great prank on her boyfriend She got her revenge by playing this great prank on her boyfriend