She had a cyst removed but doctors discovered something horrifying inside

Doctors had to operate on a woman because she had a cyst in her stomach. But during an emergency operation on her stomach, they found something very unexpected!

What doctors found inside this woman isn’t something you come across every day. During a rather routine operation to remove a cyst, they found another surprise inside the object... one you'd expect to find inside the mouth!

A massive cyst

A woman from Michigan went to the doctor with stomach pains. During an X-ray, they found that her ovaries had swollen to twice the size they should be and as a result, the 32-year-old had to be operated on. And what the surgeons found during the operation is unbelievable! The woman’s ovary was stuck to the large intestine and had to be removed. Next to it, they found a huge cyst and what was inside was shocking.

A gruesome find

After noticing an unpleasant odour emanating from the cyst, the surgeons decided to do a deeper analysis. They opened up the tissue and found skin, hair and teeth! What could this be? According to IFLscience, it’s common for skin, hair and teeth to form inside cysts. It can lead to painful infections and needs to be operated on to fix.

According to this research magazine, however, it’s not unusual. This benign tumour was most likely a dermoid cyst. These cysts are usually normal, and they often end upresolving on their own. However, in some cases, such as this one, they do need to be surgically removed. The unusual thing was, however, that they found a vegetable fibre in the woman’s abdomen. Doctors attempted to explain the inexplicable in the following way: they assumed that the woman’s bowel had perforated and the matter leaked out...

Doctor removes a horrifying parasite hiding inside a woman's lip Doctor removes a horrifying parasite hiding inside a woman's lip