She complained of headaches, but what they found in her brain left them speechless

An Australian woman was a victim of recurrent headaches. What they found in her brain will amaze you!

If you feel abnormal pain, don't hold back and consult your GP before it gets worse. This is what happened with a 25-year-old Australian woman. She was prone to recurring headaches, but the young woman then had an unpleasant surprise when they found what was lodged in her brain.

Recurring headaches

For seven years, the Australian had been complaining of recurring headaches, which were often very painful, and which were related to vision problems. This was reported by the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Unfortunately, the pain medication prescribed by her doctor had no effect. After several tests, including MRI scans, the result was clear: it was a tumour. But after removing the tumour in question, the doctors came across something completely improbable! They discovered ‘a cyst filled with tapeworm larvae,’ according to CNN.

Beware of raw meat

This phenomenon is called neurocysticercosis, or cerebral cysticercosis. The latter refers to being invaded internally by a tapeworm, especially when you eat meat which has not been cooked properly or those who have poor hygiene.

As far as neurocysticercosis is concerned, it is a major factor in migraines, visual deficiencies, and epilepsy. Fortunately, this disease was discovered in time.

Be very careful with your food, it could be dangerous for your health. Check out the video at the top of the article for more details.

She was complaining of an earache but what they found inside was horrendous She was complaining of an earache but what they found inside was horrendous