Sharks, Fireworks, And Lions... Here Are The Most Surprising Photos Taken By Drones

For several years now, the sale of drones has been booming. More and more aerial photos are being shared on social media by professionals and amateurs alike, and some of them are really worth a look.

The drone market is booming. Its turnover has grown from £53 million in 2012 to £249 million in 2015, and it's still growing.

However, the first drones were originally designed during the First World War for military purposes. But their use has changed: delivery of packages, photography, road checks, long-distance measurements...

Extraordinary photos

More and more individuals now own a drone and are enjoying using them for aerial photography. Thanks to social media, you can appreciate their work, especially on Instagram.

We have gathered a selection of incredible shots where the talent of the drone pilot is combined with a fair amount of luck: an eagle mid-flight, a trip to the heart of a firework display, a herd of hippos, a flash of lightning, a lion ready to attack...

The 15 most incredible photos taken by drones

By James Guttridge

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