Russian Police Officer Has Been Living With a Bullet in His Brain for Over 10 Years

In a miracle that seems like something out of a movie a former Russian police officer has lived for over 10 years with a bullet logged in his brain.

Vladamir Krutov was just 26 years old when he was serving as an officer in the Russian Police Force when he was shot on duty during an altercation with a Russian gang.

The bullet had entered the young officer's skull at the base and travelled all the way through the skull and was logged at the top of his head.

Medics that treated Vladamir gave him a one in one million chance of surviving and surgeons did not want to remove the object because they believed any attempt in doing so would lead to certain death.

Mail Online reported that during an interview with journalists Krutov said:

It was unrealistic to survive when a bullet passes through the whole brain, damaging all parts. When I was in a coma, I had a heart failure – and underwent clinical death. I thought I was in the next world. I was completely paralysed, only the fingers on my left hand worked.

However just two months after the incident Vadamir Krutov managed to walk himself out of the hospital completely unaided. He commented:

I’m a former sportsman and I fight for my targets. The doctors could not believe their eyes.

He has since been able to lead a very fulfilling life even. He got married recently and even has a baby girl who he's so proud of. Though he still says when he goes to the airport the bullet in his brain still causes him some grief.

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