Russia’s Face Slapping Champion Was Recently Defeated By One Huge KO

Vasily Kamotskiy, the face slapping champion, has finally been knocked off his pedestal.

Russia’s Face Slapping Champion Was Recently Defeated By One Huge KO
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For the love of the slap

Vasily Kamotskiy. This name might not mean much to you, but his face will most likely be familiar, particularly his giant hand that has done so much harm to his fellow competitors. You’ve probably figured it out by now, Vasily Kamotskiy is none other than one of the champions of the multiple slapping contests that have taken place in Russia.

Over the course of these various competitions, he has knocked the breath out of several people by literally slapping them across the jaw which is an extremely sensitive area. An incredible amount of violence and a dash of technique, that was this Russian’s secret to staying at the top.

A dethroned champion

But if there’s anything we can learn from the history of combat sports, it’s that the best fighters always tend to be defeated, due to pure bad luck, or simply due to the fact that their opponent is stronger than them. And during his last slapping competition, Vasily Kamotskiy ended up face to face with someone stronger than him.

In the video that above, you can witness the Russian delivering his first slap to his opponent, before then receiving the final slap which completely knocked him off balance. Due to this upright KO, he was forced to withdraw from the competition.

Even the mighty fall!