Researchers discover the ultimate Method to win rock-paper-scissors every time

Everybody has played the famous game of ‘rock-paper-scissors’ in order to resolve a conflict. The objective is very simple: to gain the upper hand over the opponent thanks to three combinations of rock, paper and scissors. But while we all thought it was a game of pure chance, scientists have just developed the ultimate method to win every time.

This method is not cheating! Although it may seem a bit calculated, it is based on very strict statistics collected by researchers at Zhejiang University in China.

A reminder of the basic rules

First of all, let's start by going over the rules (just in case). Rock-paper-scissors is played one-on-one and only with one hand. There are three possible shapes: scissors (index finger and middle finger stretched out in the shape of a ‘V’), a sheet of paper(open hand) and a rock (closed fist). Each player makes a shape by hiding it from their opponent at the start. The scissors cut the paper, the paper covers the rock and the latter breaks the scissors.

The logic of the loser and the winner

It was after looking at hundreds of games that Chineseresearchers were able to compile these statistics. Thus, the first of the observations made is that people who win one round will, in most cases, reproduce the same shape in the next round. On the other hand, when the person loses two sets with the same combination, they will stop reproducing this shape and will instead reproduce the one that their opponent won using.

So, if you have just lost, remember to reproduce the combination that recently caused your opponent to lose. And if you are winning, don't reproduce the same shape. Instead, choose the form that has just caused your opponent to lose.

How to choose between rock, paper and scissors

And here are some other tips. It should be noted that the majority of men will opt for rock in the first set. So, if you are playing against a man, remember to choose paper. If your opponent has just chosen rock twice in a row, know that statistically, the third time they will choose the pair of scissors (the human being hates being predictable). So, choose rock.

It should also be noted that, statistically, scissorsand rock are the most commonly used. Paper is used in only 29% of cases. Finally, if you are very observant, you can always pay attention to your opponent's movements. Therefore, if their hand seems tight, they will be choosing rock; if the fingers are released, it will be paper; if only two fingers are released, it will be scissors.

Now you have everything you need to be a rock-paper-scissors champion!

This foolproof technique will ensure you never lose a game of rock paper scissors This foolproof technique will ensure you never lose a game of rock paper scissors