Racist Shopper Throws Abuse At A Security Guard, But The Guard's Reaction Puts Him To Shame

"I belong here. You don't. F*ck off": An abusive shopper has been filmed launching racial abuse at a black security guard at a Sainsbury's in London.

A bewildered bystander caught casual racism at its worst, when she filmed a racist man launching abuse at an unsuspecting security guard at the cashpoint of a local Sainsbury's.

Whilst it's unclear what sparked the verbal attack, the angry shopper can be seen shouting in security guard's face, telling him that he doesn't "belong here".

Whilst a number of the supermarket's personnel jump to the security guard's defense, questioning the behaviour of this man, the security guard remains calm and composed throughout the dispute.

The man continues to get increasingly angry, demonstrating both abusive and threatening behaviour before the alcohol and tobacco kiosk, as he yells "you're telling me what to do. I belong here. You don't. F*ck off."

The shopper who was filming the whole endeavour can be heard defending the noble security guard: "The man is doing his job, it’s not about where he comes from.

"There’s kids in this shop, who wants to serve you? Damn cheek. Do not serve him, this is out of order.”

The seemingly intoxicated customer eventually agreed to get escorted as the staff refused service to him, but not before he got his last word: "F*ck you, f*ck this shop, f*ck the lot of you."

Since the incident has occured and been circulating across several social media platforms, the man's behaviour understandably caused an outrage. The woman who filmed the shocking encounter admitted that she believed that he was going to "physically attack the staff" as a result of the outrage.

Whilst Sainsbury's are aware of the incident, a response from the company representative is still in waiting.

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