#PooWatch, Or How One Man Refused To Do A Poo
#PooWatch, Or How One Man Refused To Do A Poo
#PooWatch, Or How One Man Refused To Do A Poo
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#PooWatch, Or How One Man Refused To Do A Poo

By Stacey Williams
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Imagine not being able to do your business for a month and a half. This is the story of #poowatch.

Lamarr Chambers, 24, has given up on his poo strike. The man was apprehended by police in Essex on January 17 and has been in their custody ever since. In the weeks that passed following his initial rest, the man refused to relieve himself even once.

Hiding the evidence

Police believe that upon originally arresting Chambers, he swallowed some Class A drugs to conceal them. Authorities kept Chambers in custody until he decided to use the loo so that they may find the evidence hidden within. From that point forward, it became a battle of wills – who would break first? The ensuing drama became known as #poowatch on social media.

The end of #poowatch

After 47 long days, police finally gave in and released the man due to “medical and legal” reasons. Truly the man’s sheer power of will paid off this time, allowing him to walk away a free man. Unfortunately for him, he was subsequently re-arrested just after, so his victory was short lived. What a whirlwind of a story.

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