Police Explain How To Save A Child Who Is Choking

We all know what the police is here for: to protect us from criminals and ensure our compliance with the law. However, we tend to forget that they also have great first aid skills. Here's proof!

The Spanish Police recently set a great example of what to do in an emergency. Thanks to its officers, a tragedy was avoided in the town of Lorca, in Murcia.

A local police officer became a hero by saving the life of a child who was choking on a piece of food. According to a local paper, the child's mother rushed into the town's police station, asking for help, and one of the police officers immediately went to her aid.

A security camera captured what he did next and the video went viral. How did the police officer help this child, who's just four years old? Well, he performed a well-known technique on him.

Here's how the officer performed the Heimlich manoeuvre: he wrapped his arms around the pit of the boy's stomach then squeezed it several times.

The Lorca police officer repeated manoeuvre until the little boy expelled the piece of food that was stuck in his throat and was preventing him from breathing. Afterwards, both the mother and the child went inside the police station and were attended by other officers.

The Spanish National Police's officers reportedly start learning first aid techniques as soon as they start training at the academy. Thanks to this, officers are equipped to assist civilians in emergency situations like the one we just mentioned.

Watch How This Heroic Cop Saves a Young Boy From Choking Watch How This Heroic Cop Saves a Young Boy From Choking