Optical illusion: Internet users are frightened by this little girl's legs

A photo of a little girl posted on social networks a few months ago has gone viral. Why? Because no body can figure out what's wrong with her legs.

Social networks are a constant source of debate. Every day, they offer us numerous videos and photos that go viral in just a few hours. If you are fond of this kind of buzz, we have something to make your day with an image that promises to raise your eyebrows: that of a little girl with rather special legs...

You'll fall for it

If you look closely at this picture, you can see that there is something wrong. The girl's legs are extremely thin, as if she was suffering from malnutrition... This is actually an optical illusion.

Shared on social networks, this photo made the rounds of the Web: some Internet users fell into the trap with their eyes closed, thinking that the little girl was malnourished or that she was suffering from anorexia...

She is so skinny
I thought she had chicken legs
I wanted to write that I absolutely had to tell someone to feed this child before I understood...

And if some of them immediately saw what was wrong with this photo, others took some time...

Without the comments I was going to go two centuries without understanding
Even after seeing the comments I caught on two minutes later

The colour of the dried grass in the background merges with the colour of a bag of popcorn, which the little girl is holding tightly against her. There is nothing skeletal about her legs.

Do you finally see it?

This photo of a little girl without legs is driving Internet users crazy This photo of a little girl without legs is driving Internet users crazy