One wrong move caused this fisherman to die from electrocution

A fishing trip in Penza, in Russia, quickly turned into quite a tragedy when a 60-year-old man unfortunately died after his fishing rod directly collided with a power line that was near a water source. According to investigators, the intensity of the electric current killed him instantly.

On 1st September, in the city of Penza in Russia, a man in his sixties was out fishing. In the middle of a fishing trip, the 60-year-old had a momentary lapse that cost him his life. According to the preliminary investigation by the regional investigation committee, his fishing rod ended up brushing against a power line six meters above the ground and near a water tank.

According to the preliminary investigation, while moving around near the tank, the man hit the power line with his fishing rod, located at a height of over six meters.

The shock was inevitable, but according to investigators, the power of the current instantly killed the sixty-year-old man. An investigation was opened to determine precisely what happened.

Power lines and electricity are real dangers to humans and cost hundreds, even thousands, of people their lives every year. That is why it is always important to remain vigilant when in areas where this is a hazard and always take the proper precautions.

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