One Spanish fitness instructor is beating the coronavirus lockdown in a very creative way

Due to the coronavirus, many cities are on lock down, advised to only leave the house for essential trips like the supermarket or pharmacy. Many gyms and fitness studios have closed for the meantime but one Spanish fitness instructor is not letting the lock down get him down.

On the 14th of March, Spain announced a state of emergency after over 7000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and over 200 deaths. This means all schools, restaurants and non-essential shops will be closed for the foreseeable future. The lockdown also implies that people are not allowed to attend the gym and would have to keep fit with home workouts.

However, the fitness group, Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales, had a brilliant idea and conducted a fitness class from their rooftop, allowing all those in the surrounding buildings to join in a great workout from their windows.

The group posted the routine to their Instagram page and not surprisingly, the act went viral. Instructor Gonzalo told the Metro:

"It was something spontaneous and sporadic because I was bored...I think it's an opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle and sport and that we are all united."

The act even received some Instagram love from Will Smith:

Promoting a healthy lifestyle in times of stress Instagram: @sanosevillabermejales

This isn't the only instance of spontaneous goodwill. Many neighbourhoods in Italy are also keeping spirits high with flashmobs and balcony DJ's.

All to keep morale high and to prove that we can all get through this together. Watch the video above to see the instructor work magic!

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